DCTM:CTS Plugins and their uses

The CTS Documents plug-ins enable users to transform a variety of files from one format to another(for example, from DOC to PDF or HTML). Doc2 — Transforms Adobe PDF files into the XML format. This transformation comes into use while using the xCP Viewer Search feature.Doc3 — Transforms Adobe PostScript files into Adobe PDF files. […]

DCTM:xCP:Brava Install brava for xCP

Double-click on the Brava! Enterprise for xCP installer file that you downloaded.Example, if you are installing Brava! for Documentum xCP 16.4, you double click on the bravaenterprise_for_xcp_16.4.0.12.exeThe installshield Wizard begins; if .NET Framework components are not detected, they will be installed at this time. On the Welcome screen, click Next and complete the Brava! for […]

DCTM:CTS Improve rendition quality in CTS

Checkout pdf_processing_xcp_legacy.xml in the /Media Server/System Profile/ via Documentum AdministratorMake the following changes under storyboard_pdfstoryboard section.Update doc_token_width value to 1500Update doc_token_height value to 1500Update doc_token_dpi value to 296Change doc_token_img_quality value from regular to hires <InnerProfile path=”/System/Media Server/System Profiles/storyboard_pdfstoryboard” waitOnCompletion=”true” useTargetFormat=”true”> <InnerTokenMapping LocalProfileToken=”jpeg_lres” InnerProfileToken=”doc_token_targetFormat” Literal=”true”/> <InnerTokenMapping Literal=”true” InnerProfileToken=”add_rendition_properties” LocalProfileToken=”false”/> <InnerTokenMapping LocalProfileToken=”1500″ InnerProfileToken=”doc_token_width” Literal=”true”/> <InnerTokenMapping LocalProfileToken=”1500″ InnerProfileToken=”doc_token_height” […]

DCTM:CS Replacing the activity in the workflow using API

Find a the process r_object_id with DQLselect r_object_id, object_name from dm_process where object_name = ‘<ProcessName>’ # dump the processdump,c,<proess_id># check which activity you want to modify by looking at r_act_name# and taking the corresponding r_act_def_id # update activityfetch,c,<r_act_def_id>getfile,c,l,D:\path\to\<r_act_def_id>.xml# make desired changes to “D:\path\to\<r_act_def_id>.xml”# update filesetfile,c,l,D:\path\to\<r_act_def_id>.xmlsave,c,l

Documentum:CTS: Low resolution images in viewer

Problem: Print option for xCP Viewer results in lower pixel quality and produces a smaller document than the original content file Resolution: The OOTB profile pdf_processing_xcp.xml is used by CTS to create a jpeg_lres, XML Info and jpeg_story renditions on import operation which we need to modify in section related to jpeg_lres by changing 96 […]