DCTM:xCP:Brava Install brava for xCP

  1. Double-click on the Brava! Enterprise for xCP installer file that you downloaded.
    Example, if you are installing Brava! for Documentum xCP 16.4, you double click on the bravaenterprise_for_xcp_16.4.0.12.exe
    The installshield Wizard begins; if .NET Framework components are not detected, they will be installed at this time.
  2. On the Welcome screen, click Next and complete the Brava! for xCP installation.
    You may refer to the video player in Additional Information section for step-by-step installation instructions.
  3. After the installation, there are additional steps you need to perform.
    You need to install Brava! for xCP DAR and import Brava! for xCP viewer libraries to your xCP Application.
  4. You can find the Brava! for xCP DAR file called brava_formats.dar in \Brava! Enterprise\xCPIntegration\Brava Formats DAR\ folder.
    Deploy this DAR file using Documentum Content Server Headless Composer.
  5. Go to xCP Desiginer, import the following viewer libraries to your xCP Application.
    \Brava! Enterprise\xCPIntegration\lib\com.opentext.brava.xcp.libs-
    \Brava! Enterprise\xCPIntegration\lib\com.opentext.brava.xcp.web-
    \Brava! Enterprise\xCPIntegration\package\com.opentext.brava.xcp.viewer-
  6. In xCP Designer, go to Settings > Viewers and Formats, select the document format you wish to view using Brava! HTML Viewer. Save the configuration.
  7. You may now deploy your xCP application and use Brava! HTML viewer to view documents.

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