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As part of our deliverables, our team has implemented several large-scale Opentext xCP projects taking advantage of the opentext xCP robust framework.  As with all other products, our team needed to go into the details of the framework in order to understand how things work and make things extendable. We spent hundreds of hours in exploring the opentext xCP framework and needed to understand/learn ExtJS as well as xCP (UI) is built on ExtJS.  As part of our culture to share the knowledge to community, we developed a small extension which helps xCP developers to debug/understand the xCP application they have developed.

This xCelerator primarily contains 

General Tab

This contains general information about the application and current logged in user

Process Tab

Lists down all the SLPs/SFPs developed in the system.  It allows the user to execute the processes as well.  Developer can input the InputVariables and then once click on “Execute SLP”, output of the process will be displayed in the JSONViewer control

Session Variables 

In any large scale project developers will be creating lot of session variables to hold some information.  This tab helps developers to view the current session variable value and also update new value.

UI Events

This tab allows developers to “Subscribe” for any UI event available in the system, be it page level, application level or fragment level.  When any UI event was subscribed, developer can see the payload of the UI event when it is published in the application.  Also it facilitates developer to “Publish” the UI event.

Page Components

In this release we only focused on retrieving buttons from the inspected window page. This helps developer to enable/disable the buttons irrespective of the expressions configured in the xCP page

This extension will be released in Google Chrome Store once the app was stabilized and the source code will be published to github.  Please give us feedback on what else could be added in this extension. Work is in progress for the below items as and will be released soon.

  1.  Workflows Information:  Will display all the running workflows along with task status
  2. Users and Groups
  3. Pages:  Displays all the pages created in the xCP Application
  4. Object Model:  Lists all the Business Objects, Content Objects, Folder objects created in the application 

Update 2

Updated the package with Users and Groups tab.

Update 3

Updatedwith Object Model Information (Only Folder objects, Content Objects, Business Objects)

Workflow Model

Displays all the running workflows and their tasks information

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