Captiva: Standard Import Service pre-requisite

Add the profile name to each Standard Import module instance by restarting each module instance with the appropriate command-line parameters as follows:

  • Email Import -EmailProfileNames:profileName[,profileName2,profileName3,…]
  • File System -FileProfileNames:profileName[,profileName2,profileName3,…]
  • A profile name configuration file.

 Using a profile name configuration file is a convenient way to add multiple Email and File System profile names to each Standard Import module instance.

 In addition, using a profile name configuration file can overcome the maximum Windows command-line length.


 To create a profile name configuration file:

  1. Click Import > Import Profiles > Create Configuration File.
  2. Select all of the profiles that you want to add and click Create.

Make sure to also specify the names of any current profiles that you still want to use; otherwise, they would be removed from the Standard Import module instance

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