Captiva: Change Server ID

In order to change the Server ID on the IA Server the following can be done:

 * Remove the LIC entries for the Server from the Licensing / Security > License Codes screen.

* Remove the Server entry from the Systems > View Servers screen

* Stop the IA Server

* Remove the following files/folders from the IAS folder (you can back them up if needed):




                Activation Folder

                Start IA Server

* Confirm there is NO Server listed in Systems > View Servers screen

* Add NEW Server in Systems > View Servers

* Add CAF for NEW Server in Licensing / Security > Server Activations

* Confirm that there is a 20 Day Grace Period. If “Normal Grace Period Expired” appears, proceed with Server Activation and request Activation Key from Support

* Add LIC for the NEW Server in Licensing / Security > Licensing Codes

* Confirm that the Status for each LIC Entry is “OK”

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